KLOSKA Toolmanagement


Inventory management 24/7

Intelligent inventory management from the world market leader. With our partner SupplyPoint, we offer modular vending machines, based on powerful software for operation in a local network or via the internet cloud platform.

Reduce the process and waiting times of your employees and create more productivity.

Apart from reducing material costs by 25%-40%, depending on your requirements, you can simplify decentralized material supply directly at the production site by using automatic vending machines for your consumables and durable goods of current production.

Increasing globalization, Industry 4.0 and its digitalization, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT), require the manufacturing industry to focus more and more on the entire (internal) supply chain.

There are many strategic solutions in this context, and there is no question that individually configurable diverse vending machines are among the most successful.

Reduce your costs for procurement and inventory management through tool management 24/7, thanks to fully developed software, drawer, carousel or locker systems with cloud-based solutions.

In only 8 steps to more productivity and transparency:

  1. decentralized inventory management
  2. innovative data management
  3. integrated ordering system
  4. ERP connection (on demand)
  5. multiple languages
  6. article selection & filter
  7. edition & control
  8. reporting system