KLOSKA Inspection software


Inspection and administration easily organized

The routine inspection is not a necessary evil, it is a safety procedure according to the BetrSichV with the aim to avoid accidents and keep the employees healthy.

However, the planning and administration of UVV inspections usually involves a great deal of time, work, and energy.

Together with our service provider, we can offer our customers an inspection and maintenance management system, where software-supported inspection processes considerably reduce and simplify the time required.

In addition to the manipulation-safe archiving of the inspection documents, stored operating and inspection instructions, parts lists, user videos, risk assessments or danger assessments can be accessed by authorized users at any time and within seconds.

Various filters and selection options, such as product groups, plants and departments, help to simplify handling within the database. Inspection schedules, intervals and due dates can be seen with just a few clicks.

With the import and export functions, lists can be generated quickly and easily and an adoption to existing ERP systems can be mapped without much effort.

The Kloska inspection software can be used independent of product and manufacturer. A subsequent administration via RFID transponder is possible at any time, as well as data and documentation maintenance down to workshop level.